2023 Cotton On S8 Indigenous Guernsey

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Introducing the 2023 Carlton FC Indigenous Guernsey.

The artwork reflects traditional Tiwi culture representing the Kulama Ceremony, Pamajini (Arm Bands) and Spear and has been designed by proud Tiwi woman Russellina 'Russy' Puruntatameri. 

The Kulama ceremony is an annual celebration of life and an important ritual for young men. It consists of three days and three nights of ritual body paintings, singing and dancing which happens towards the end of the wet season when a ring appears around the moon. 

Russy wanted to showcase the strength and resilience of the Tiwi women through illustrating a Numwariyaka (spear) and Pamajini (arm bands) which sit proudly across the front. The arm bands are woven from Pandanus and are an important part of Tiwi ceremony. 


Purchasing a guernsey with a number on the back

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to apply heat press numbers to online orders. Options available for obtaining numbers on the back of the guernseys are listed below

  • Head to our IKON Park store and we will be able to offer this service.
  • If you are located interstate and are unable to make it instore; please contact us via 03 9389 6288 and we can organise an order over the phone to be sent out to you.
  • Post your guernsey to us (including a pre paid satchel or your details so we can contact you for return shipping payment) and once we receive your guernsey, can apply the number of your choice and return it to you
(No reviews yet) Write a Review